Transgender Support Group

May 20, 2012 in Peer Groups

Transgender Support Group

Every Friday Evening
8 – 9:30 PM

This a weekly peer-facilitated meeting, open to anyone anywhere along the transgender spectrum. Established in 1973, the Transgender Support Group is one of the longest running groups and flourishing.

We meet every Friday at 8 pm, and that includes major holidays–we feel like it’s important to be there year-round. We’re a support group, with peer facilitators who are trained to run meetings, but are not “leaders” in the sense of being staff. Average attendance is around 10 people—it is usually not lower than 5. Sometimes 15-17 show up.

The members are primarily trans women, many who are living full-time, although we do have FtMs, crossdressers, and gender-fluid people attending the group from time to time. We try to avoid giving advice in the meetings; everyone is encouraged to speak from their own experience, and not to generalize. The process has worked for us for over three decades, and the meetings are safe places to talk about transition and daily life. Our members are required to observe the confidentiality of what is shared at the meetings.

It is not necessary to dress as your preferred gender to come to the meeting! If you’re not yet out, or just beginning to question your gender status, you can present in the gender that you’re most comfortable with now. You can also bring clothing to the center, and change your presentation once you’ve arrived. One of the two upstairs bathrooms is always available for that purpose.

Parking is usually available in front of the center, or directly across from the center on Telegraph Avenue. There is also parking on Derby, which is the cross street. Telegraph is well-lighted, and our members have had no problems getting to and from their cars.

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