Queerspiration from the L.O.U.D. Youth Group! – 4

July 25, 2018 in inQueery

Pacific Center’s L.O.U.D. Youth Group (Loving Ourselves and Uniting Diversity) has been celebrating Pride month by doing a variety of different artistic expression works.  In this series, we will post a sample of some of the writings that were produced by youth participants and facilitators.   Author names are not included to protect confidentiality.




My queer inspirations—queerspirations I’ll call them—probably don’t think of themselves that way
Not Milk or Laverne or DeGeneres
They lead much quieter lives, unknown to the world—but for the click of a camera phone and the insta clout
My queerspirations are musicians, artists, designers
Anime lovers and gaymers
Homeschoolers, early college goers
Fashonistas and hijabistas
Gender destroyers
Weirdos and queerdos
Purple hair havers and pixie cuts
Young women, young men, young “somewhere in betweens”
Young “nowhere near the binary’s”
My queerspirations are working through a world that ignores them or denies them
My queerspirations don’t talk to me through the TV or think pieces posted by the NYT
I hear my queerspirations struggles and their triumphs in glorious surround sound, 3D, front row
I’m lucky cause I see my queerspirations every week in group




Pacific Center’s L.O.U.D. Youth Group meets Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 – 6 pm. The group is free and drop-in. Find out more about our group at http://pacificcenter.org/community-programs/youth-program