Queerspiration from the L.O.U.D. Youth Group! – 3

July 18, 2018 in inQueery

Pacific Center’s L.O.U.D. Youth Group (Loving Ourselves and Uniting Diversity) has been celebrating Pride month by doing a variety of different artistic expression works.  In this series, we will post a sample of some of the writings that were produced by youth participants and facilitators.   Author names are not included to protect confidentiality.


* * *


We set the scene as many of them are, more and more these days

Stage right me, sitting in a the passenger seat

Stage left my mother, driving

Passing by the pacific center, a place that is more my heritage than any amount of german in my blood

It’s friday evening and the youth group I never got the guts to go to just ended

Everyone, shining with their undercuts and dyed hair and flannels

And my mother looks between them and me and suddenly something I’ve been telling her for years

dawns on her

Her child isn’t doing this as rebellion

They’re just queer

Its weeks later? Days later?

Stage right me, sitting in the passenger seat

Stage left my mother, driving

I say I could talk to my old friend from elementary school

In the night, I remember being completely bare under a sleeping bag with her

Six years old and not caring about the concept of a first kiss

Not understanding what any of that would mean at all

“You remember the pacific center?”


“She’s going to take one look at you and know”

I don’t look for her on facebook.

Three months later,

Stage right me, swivel chair

Stage left, a friend

“I’m scared. I’m alone. I can’t fucking believe this. I can’t do this any more.”

“Then find somebody”

The pacific center crosses my mind

I forgot until tonight



Pacific Center’s L.O.U.D> Youth Group meets Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 – 6 pm. The group is free and drop-in. Find out more about our group at http://pacificcenter.org/community-programs/youth-program