Queerspiration from the L.O.U.D. Youth Group!

July 4, 2018 in inQueery
Pacific Center’s L.O.U.D. Youth Group (Loving Ourselves and Uniting Diversity) has been celebrating Pride month by doing a variety of different artistic expression works.  In this series, we will post a sample of some of the writings that were produced by youth participants and facilitators.   Author names are not included to protect confidentiality.

My queerspiration is the Loud Youth Group at Pacific Center for Human Growth. I was given
the opportunity to help facilitate this amazing group of individuals. This youth program is such
an inspiration. As a queer woman, growing up, I did not have access to this kind of unique
space. The individuals who inhabit this space are not only beautiful human beings but also
human beings who go above and beyond to create a safe and comfortable environment for
everyone who walks through the door. I am so incredibly proud of this group. It has been such
an honor to be a part of this great group and to witness the acceptance, kindness, and
understanding that goes on in this magical space. It has been an adventure to share in the
laughs, love, and the popcorn. I am extremely thankful for my time in the group. I will miss
each and every person in this group. You will all be remembered and forever in my heart.

I often have a hard time being proud of myself. People are often surprised by this, but often, I
wish I was cishet. I don’t think I’ve even had a general moment of pride. I’m still asking for
that. I hope that someday I’ll get to experience that. Maybe the one day I really felt pride was
at Oakland Symphony LGBT Night. I think music is really important to me and often connects
me to other things.

I remember when I first came to California running from a bad situation, A friend mentioned
the PC to me and so I came alone, scared, sixteen and in hiding. I’d never seen so much love
and acceptance than from Jared and Miriam! I felt for the first time, that it was okay to be me.
I’ve never been so proud than when I saw how much they cared. How much they understood,
and loved regardless of my being LGBT. They saved my life by giving me hope enough to live;
live until I had the help to thrive. They helped me so much they taught me to be me. I will love
and appreciate them forever because they have done so much for me. And for everything they
do for every person, LGBT or otherwise.
My personal thanks for saving my life, mind and even more.

Pacific Center’s L.O.U.D> Youth Group meets Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 – 6 pm. The group is free and drop-in. Find out more about our group at http://pacificcenter.org/community-programs/youth-program