Queer & Present: Lesson 1, Do Not Obey in Advance

January 16, 2017 in inQueery



Beginning my series on Dr. Snyder’s lessons from the 20th Century on how to avoid tyranny:  do not obey in advance.  

Do not anticipate what a more repressive society would want from you.  Do not sidle back toward whatever closet you’ve emerged from.

Living in California as we do, this one is not much of a challenge, as our society is not likely to become more repressive.

That said, many of us learned to disassemble early on and there is a temptation to slip back into it. To just not hold hands as often, particularly in places like Bakersfield. I was there over Thanksgiving and realized that my husband and I were holding hands less than we normally do.  I made sure from then on to grab his hand at every opportunity, whether or not anyone was watching.

So, onward.

Press charges.

File that formal complaint.

Behave exactly as you would if your dream candidate had been elected.  Make them limit you.  Do not limit yourself.



Stan Stansbury is a Contributor at InQueery.