Queer & Present: Brexit Effect

November 7, 2016 in inQueery

The UK is not someplace that I associate with hate crimes.  But a report issued recently and cited by the Washington Post gives an astonishing statistic.  Homophobic attacks in the UK have increased 147% in the months since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

The author of the report, Galop.org.uk, is a national charity devoted to the prevention and prosecution of violence against LGBT people.  It’s an example we could stand to follow here.  If anyone here is collecting national data on hate crimes, I don’t know who they are.

It seems that the Brexit vote has encouraged all the various violent extremists in the UK to crawl out from under their rocks.  It’s not just violence against LGBT people that is up.  There has also been a wave of racist violence as well as violence against immigrants.  Yikes.  Reminds of life here, rather than on a quiet island.

Speaking of votes, don’t forget to cast yours if you haven’t already.  Find out where and how to vote on election day.


Stan Stansbury is a Contributor at InQueery.