Queer & Present: Angelica Ross Takes On the Tech Industry

March 14, 2016 in inQueery


Who? That’s what I would have said before I saw her profile on Queerty

This extraordinary person is engaged in an extraordinary effort: opening up high technology jobs for trans women, and preparing trans women to take their place in high tech industry.  Blacks are rare in high tech industries, women are rare in high tech industries, black women are doubly rare, and black trans women non-existent.  So she is doing a great thing, creating opportunities where none existed before. She does this as founder, CEO, and executive director of TransTech Social Enterprises, based in Chicago. This web technology and social media organization is sufficiently successful to have been profiled on MSNBC.

Ross also travels the country as an LGBTQ motivational speaker.

AND, she’s an actress, having recently completed season 1 of Her Story which looks at the dating lives of queer and trans women. Miss Ross.com is the witty title of her personal website.

You go, girl!


Stan Stansbury is a Contributor at InQueery.