Queer & Present: 20 Lessons

January 9, 2017 in inQueery

We’re starting off a new year with a new look and new series for this column!  

Happy 2017!  While many of us are probably glad for a new year, we are also facing a great unknown.  What will life be like under president-elect Trump?  Many news outlets, this column included, have compared our current situation to a pre-WWII Germany.  What can regular citizens do to avoid the same mistakes?

Professor Timothy Snyder, an historian at Yale, has condensed 20 lessons from the European experience of tyranny in the 20th Century. They were posted first to Facebook, and then printed in the Dallas Morning News.  

For the next 20 weeks, Queer & Present will be about these lessons because I think they can be used as a guide for how we in the queer community can confront our looming future.

Each week, we invite you to participate in the comments.  Do you have any thoughts or experiences of your own on this topic?  Any suggestions for steps to take, especially ways to get involved locally?  Post them below.

We’ll begin next week with #1 – Do not obey in advance.

Stan Stansbury is a Contributor at InQueery.