Queer Podcast Review: Food 4 Thot

March 22, 2017 in inQueery

I absolutely can’t stop talking about Food 4 Thot.  Since my friends are now very tired of hearing about my new favorite podcast, it must be time to write a review.  Here goes.

This savory, panel-style podcast was started by four multiracial, queer friends looking to create a podcast akin to “NPR on poppers,” deliberately melting together a discourse on queer theory in art and literature with delicious, dirty hookup stories.

In their own words, Food 4 Thot “is a recipe from all their brains, discussing (and sometimes disagreeing) on everything at the intersection of queerness and brownness—from Beyoncé to Borges, politics to peen sizes, Nietzsche to 90s R&B—combining the best of literary intellect with absolute trash.”

What is particularly beautiful about this combination of topics is that it’s new.  I didn’t realize until after listening that these conversations are so separate, they rarely come into contact elsewhere.  Yes, I want sex-positive, gay smut stories.  Yes, I want to listen to dialogue on racial identity and on authors that define queerness in their work.  However, I never could have imagined that I could get it all in one place.  Food 4 Thot is now my go-to, one-stop shop.

The creators felt the same way.  “In a world where those conversations were so often separated, where could we go to get both?” Food 4 Thot say.  “Thus, Food 4 Thot was born, a delectable meal of brain food and junk food, giving thots like us a seat at the scholarly table.”

The thots in question are Tommy Pico, an indigenous poet and writer, Fran Tirado, poet and editor at Hello Mr. magazine, Dennis Norris II, ex-figure skater and writer, and Joseph Osmundson, scientist and writer.  They met at a writer’s conference in Oregon, and the rest, they say, is herstory.

What I love about the show is that though it has some defined structure (a game to begin with and a “dessert,” or shout-out, at the end), the dialogue itself feels so organic.  There are no set questions or topics in the theme, it’s a real ass conversation that goes in whatever direction it needs to go in.  I like that the hosts are already so close and comfortable with sharing their experiences with each other and the audience.  Each person’s comment or question complements the one before, reaching into everyone’s experience to create a depth of discourse that applies to everything from the writing process to their collective understanding of threesomes.

The first episode, named “Like a Virgin” due to its theme of first times, came out on February 19th.  I don’t want to spoil any of the content for potential listeners, so I will just say that after listening, I was left hungry for more of it (even though the episode lasted more than an hour).

So go listen to it!  Support this queer podcast and its delicious content!  You can find it anywhere one usually gets podcasts.  For newcomers, it is available on iTunes, PlayerFM, Stitcher, Podbay.fm, and Soundcloud.



Amelia Henry is a Contributor at InQueery.