Preparing for the Next 4 Years

November 15, 2016 in inQueery



Wondering what to do next, given the uncertainty that has come with this election?  The internet’s got you covered.

Ariel Federow, a performance artist living in Brooklyn, NY, began a collaborative effort to create a plan of action.  The “Oh Shit!  What Should I Do Before January?” Guide is just that – an open document of resources and information to protect yourself and your legal/human rights under the new regime.  It includes everything from health and wellness information, like where to get birth control or hormones, to self-defense and ID backups.  Countless other politically-minded people have contributed, and it has grown into quite the compendium.

Originally a Google Doc, the project is now being moved to a Wiki – though you can still comment if you have useful information to add.  (This is particularly important for the sections that discuss specific metro areas.)  You can find Version 2.0 here.