Pacific Center LGBTQ Youth need your help NOW!

October 28, 2015 in Past Events

Pacific Center has provided support programs for the LGBTQ community in Alameda County since 1978. Our youth program normally provides an after-school group therapy and activities program 3 days a week under the direction of our mental health clinic.

Very recently, funding for this program, from one government source and another local community foundation, was either cut in half or eliminated for fiscal year 2015-16. As a result, our total grant and government funding for youth is only $23,245 this year. Our bare bones expense budget is $65,702. That means we need to raise at least an additional $40-50,000 in the next three to four months to sustain the program to its normal level.

Because of the funding cuts, the group currently is meeting just once a week. With your financial help we will restore the full level of programming 3 days a week by January 2016.

Visit our Fundrazr campaign to financially support our youth!

100% of your gift will go towards direct services including educational materials, counseling and food for young people who come to us for support and a safe space after school. Around 50-75 young people a year participate in our program and on their behalf, THANK YOU!!

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