Out in Academia: Interview with Prof. Juana María Rodríguez

April 17, 2013 in inQueery

This is the first interview of an ongoing series that deals with the question of LGBT visibility in the university classroom; an issue that I, as an out and visibly queer graduate student, have been interested in for a long time. I wanted to find out more about how professors and graduate students present themselves to their students and why. The question I then center these interviews around is that of identity and outness in the classroom.

In this fluid and informal interview—you’ll hear quite a bit of laughter—I speak with Professor Juana María Rodríguez, who is currently the Acting Chair of UC Berkeley’s Department of Women & Gender Studies. I ask her about her identity, femme visibility, being out in academia, how to engage students with the course material, and how sexuality plays out in the college classroom.

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Juana María Rodríguez received her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley and is the author of Queer Latinidad: Identity Practices, Discursive Spaces (NYU 2003), and her second book, Queer Gestures, Sexual Futures and Other Latina Longings, is currently under contract with New York University Press.

Jacqueline Bialostozky is a Staff Writer & Editor at InQueery.
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