Our Gayest Apparel: Fun LGBT-themed Holiday Gifts

December 24, 2014 in inQueery

For those looking to camp up Christmas, adorning everything in both white and green and red… and rainbow, I bring you this holiday gift guide. I hope it serves you well. I scoured the internet for the cutest, funniest, and (sort of) most practical gifts I could find as long as they were glaringly queer and bled of Christmas spirit – the consumerist kind of over-saturated brightness and red-and-green-splattered joy! Maybe you’ll use these as gag gift options or totally serious presents that may actually make someone’s winter warmer.

1. Beefcake Stockings
2. Bisexual Christmas Tree Pillow Case
3. Homo for the Holidays sweater
4. Legalize Gay upcycled/recycled tshirt Xmas Stocking
5. Gay Pride Rainbow Coffee Cup Cozy
6. Rainbow Christmas Tree Pillow Cover
7. Drag Queen Holiday Card
8. Happy Holigays Christmas Hoodie
9. Ho Ho Homo Hoodie
10. Christmas Cards – Male Couple / Female Couple
11. Prayer Candles – RuPaul / Cher
12. Homo 4 The Holidays sweatshirt
13. RuPaul Christmas Card
14. Set of 3 Grindr Reindeer Christmas Cards

Katie Tims is a Staff Writer and Editor at InQueery.
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