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Pacific Center helps over 1,500 individuals every year and operates with 6 part-time paid staff members, a volunteer working board of directors, over 40 volunteer therapists and licensed trainers, and 50 community volunteers who facilitate peer groups, staff the front desk, assist our youth program, coordinate outreach events, and provide administrative support.

Everyone is welcome at Pacific Center and our volunteers come from all walks of life. Even with our differences, we share one common thought: “I want to give back.” Volunteering at Pacific Center gives everyone an opportunity to “give back” in very tangible and practical ways. We build community here.

Visit the Volunteer page to learn more about how you can become involved:

  • Board of Directors
  • Clinical Intern Supervisor
  • Clinical Intern Trainer
  • Front Desk Volunteer
  • Peer Group Facilitator
  • Community Outreach Volunteer
  • Youth Program Volunteer
  • Administrative or Technical Skill-based Volunteer

We know not everyone can walk through our door and start volunteering with our youth or peer groups. Not everyone has the time to give…. but everyone has something to give. Please help us continue to thrive in the best way you know how.

One way to do this is by making a personal donation to this wonderful grassroots community institution.

And, if possible, please consider taking the next step by committing to sustain the organization throughout the year with your monthly pledge gift today.

Visit our Donate page to learn more about how you can financially support Pacific Center.

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