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Peer Groups

Pacific Center offers ongoing, drop-in, peer-facilitated groups covering a range of topics and issues important to our communities. These groups provide connection, support, information, and enjoyment. Peer groups are volunteer-led and are not therapy groups.

Suggested donations for peer group attendees is $5 to $20 per group meeting. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

New Peer Groups & Facilitator Training

Peer groups are often organized in response to a need or desire to create community. A minimum of two facilitators are required to start a group and facilitators must self-identify as members of that group.

Successful applicants will complete an application, interview, screening process, and facilitator training. Facilitator training is conducted throughout the year and consultation services are provided as needed, year round.

Contact Anne Mitchell for information about the peer group application, interview, and training process: or 510-548-8283, x126.

Current Groups at Pacific Center

Please view below for details on specific groups. (Skip to view calendar of upcoming meetings.)

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming meetings are listed in the sidebar to the left and in the calendar below.


Join Our Mailing List

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