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Older and Out Therapy Groups

Pacific Center is partnering with senior centers around Alameda County to provide free, drop-in therapy groups for LGBTQI2-S adults over the age of 60. The groups are free, run for 90 minutes, welcome new members at any time, and refreshments are provided. Groups are facilitated by a team of Pacific Center clinician interns (or licensed therapist in the case of Oakland) assisted by trained peer specialists. Group members decide what topics to cover. Group topics include: loss of friends, wisdom that comes with aging, going back in the closet to survive, dating, invisibility in the LGBTQ community, family acceptance challenges, loneliness, resilience, and how to find other services in Alameda County.

“Just like me, I’ve seen others in the group open up and share their stories, a lot of times for the first time, and sometimes with more than a few tears.”

What You Can Expect

If you can, we recommend arriving at your first meeting 15 minutes early, to meet with a therapist or intern one on one to orient you to the group, and so we can find out more about you so we can best serve you. After that, you’ll be welcome to join the group and participate in whatever way is comfortable for you. Because this is a therapy group, topics and discussions can be deeper and more personal than they would in a typical group setting.

For more information about this program and other services for older adults please contact Anne at 510.548.8283 x126 or email her at

Group Locations and Times


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