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The Evolution of Queerness: A Short Lexical History (Pt. 3)

November 15, 2017 in inQueery

A Terminological Explosion: Exploring LGBTQIA+, its terms, and implications

Clinician Spotlight: Howard Curtis, LMFT

November 13, 2017 in Featured Article, inQueery

Tell us about yourself.  (Pronouns, where you’re from, what you do, or anything else important!) Pronoun: To tell the truth, when PC staff asked me what pronoun I preferred, I said that I preferred the Mandarin Chinese pronouns “ta/ta/” because they apply to all three grammatical genders of “he she it” (or “he shit” as my mother used to say).  That way, there is no “privileging” of one gender over another—and besides, it is nobody’s business what genitalia I am sporting under my cloth…

It Gets Bitter – November 2017

November 13, 2017 in inQueery

Keep the posts coming, Leslie! This month’s cartoon features online activism.

The Evolution of Queerness: A Short Lexical History (Pt. 2)

November 8, 2017 in inQueery

The Advent of Queerness: how did this word go from insult to proud identity?

Queer & Present: October 2017

November 6, 2017 in inQueery

Hello and welcome to Queer & Present! Here are a couple of pieces of LGBTQIA+ news that made headlines in October with some of my own opinion. Victories for LGBTQIA+ and HIV-Positive Californians Three big laws protecting LGBTQIA+ rights were signed this month by governor Jerry Brown. Signed on Oct. 15, the Gender Recognition Act (SB 179) makes it easier for trans and intersex individuals to get state-issued documents that better reflect their gender. The law makes the process of changing ge…

The Evolution of Queerness: A Short Lexical History (1 – Gay Prehistory)

October 25, 2017 in inQueery

To mark Queer History Month, we decided to consider how vocabulary around queerness has evolved over time. In this four-part series, we will examine now-antiquated ways to talk about same-sex love, study the reappropriation of the word “queer,” and meditate on the plethora of new ways to talk about gender and sexuality, which might allow us to move past the classic gender binary.   Gay Prehistory In this section, I will occasionally use the term “sex” to address matters that are now associa…

Talking Queer Sci-Fi at Worldcon 75

October 18, 2017 in inQueery

Queer issues and identities are a growing topic in science and speculative fiction. In this piece, Kern discusses a WorldCon panel that addresses the difficulties still faced by this genre and its writers.

The Stonewall Riots: “It’s About Time We Did Something to Assert Ourselves”

October 11, 2017 in inQueery

Andy’s own visit to New York City, and Greenwich Village, prompts reflection on one of our community’s most important historical moments.A

It Gets Bitter – October 2017

October 9, 2017 in inQueery

Your cartoon guide to protests, by Leslie Ewing!

32 years ago: How a Hollywood Star’s Death Changed the Course of the AIDS Crisis (Part 3)

October 4, 2017 in inQueery

“The inadvertent pioneer”  –  People Magazine When it occurred, Rock Hudson’s death was experienced as a national shock; three decades later, there is hardly a timeline on the AIDS crisis that doesn’t mention the actor:  his death has passed into history. When looking at Rock Hudson’s legacy, two voluntary acts of his give evidence of his involvement in the fight against AIDS.  One is his decision to publicly disclose his illness, the other is a $250,000 amFAR donation (made at a time when…

32 years ago: How a Hollywood Star’s Death Changed the Course of the AIDS Crisis (Part 2)

October 3, 2017 in inQueery

Part 2 of our series on Rock Hudson, an important figure in LGBTQ history whose fame drew attention to the AIDS crisis.

32 years ago: How a Hollywood Star’s Death Changed the Course of the AIDS Crisis (Part 1)

October 2, 2017 in inQueery

On the anniversary of his death, we pay tribute to Rock Hudson by exploring how his fame opened discussion about AIDS and being gay in the public eye. This is Part 1 of a series.

How Unofficial “Gay Days” at Disney Helped the Company Grow

September 27, 2017 in inQueery

In 1991, Orlando’s gay community showed up at Magic Kingdom in red shirts to have a day of fun together. Disney wasn’t happy – but the pressure and power of representing “family values” led the company to change for the better.

Queer & Present: September 2017

September 25, 2017 in inQueery

Hello! Here is September’s Queer & Present, a quick rundown of LGBTQIA+ news and my take on it.     Oakland Pride on Sept. 10 attended by thousands The annual event, a parade from City Hall to 20th and Broadway, garnered thousands of attendees in celebration of Oakland and the East Bay’s queer community. The event was started in 1997, was discontinued in 2004, and restarted in 2008. Far from the hectic festivities of the San Francisco Pride, Oakland Pride is more of a laid-back. “I…

Volunteer Spotlight: Raymond

September 22, 2017 in inQueery

Hi Raymond, and welcome to our Volunteer Spotlight – we’re excited to get to know you a little better!  Can you introduce yourself for our readers? My name is Raymond Brickhouse (He, Him, His) I am from Denver Colorado. I have been part of the LGBTQ community for sometime now.  I am a Medical Case Manager for an agency who works with people living with HIV.  How did you get started at Pacific Center? Well I started in 2010 took off for about a year and now back so in all about 7 year…

4 Walls, 4 Views

September 20, 2017 in inQueery

Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15, and we would love to share our community’s experiences and intersections with Hispanic and Latino identities. This week, Pete shares how LGBTQ+ life in Guadalajara, his life in California, having or being one of two gay sons, a mother’s acceptance, and machismo are differently seen by Pete and the other three members of his Mexican family, all in one.

It Gets Bitter – September 2017

September 18, 2017 in inQueery

Our monthly comic feature by Leslie Ewing!

Keeping Classrooms Inclusive: Tips for Handling Microaggressions

September 13, 2017 in inQueery

We’ve all been there: you’re having a discussion in class, when the comments turn into thinly-veiled prejudice against queer people, people of color, religious groups, immigrants, or another marginalized group. It’s tough to know how to handle this, but hopefully these tips will help you address the microaggressions you may be hearing now that you’re back in school – or really, in any setting.

Resist, Learn, Love, and Get Inspired: 12 Transgressive Books to Read This Fall

September 6, 2017 in inQueery

Well folks, summer’s nearly over! The weather’s cooling down, kids are more or less reluctantly going back to school and your work agenda is probably filling up. If you are the kind of person who dreads this time of the year you might be feeling a pang of sadness or anxiety. However, fall is also the perfect time to take a breath, reflect on one’s life and examine the ways one is involved in the world. And…it is also the perfect time to read! (Okay, every time is a good time to read.) So w…

Queer & Present: August 2017

September 4, 2017 in inQueery

Amelia presents a couple of the most striking news events from last month.


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