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Latest InQueery News

    • Invisibility Series: Butch Lesbians

      Invisibility Series: Butch Lesbians

      Guest writer Aurora Smith returns to her series on Invisibility with a second installment focusing this time on butch lesbians. Butch lesbians can be read as heterosexual men in public spaces, but is that the only way they're …Read More »
    • Queer Comic Review: Capitol Hillbillies

      Queer Comic Review: Capitol Hillbillies

      Capitol Hillbillies is a comic that feels a lot like hanging out with your friends ... if your friends had Beyoncé as a guardian angel and romantic history with a unicorn.Read More »
    • An Open Letter to Allies

      An Open Letter to Allies

      InQueery Guest Writer Alex tackles the tricky subject of allies in our LGBTQA+ community and brings up some important issues that have been avoided when it comes to space, identity and support.Read More »
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