Upcoming Events

Senior Men's Group

Group will meet on Feb 26, Thu at 1:30pm

Ends: 3:30pm

Women Coming Out of Straight Marriage

Group will meet on Feb 26, Thu at 6:30pm

Ends: 8:30pm

Middle Men (ages 30's to 50s)

Group will meet on Feb 26, Thu at 7:00pm

Ends: 9:00pm

Q-PAD Group - ON HOLD - Young Men, 20's & 30's

Group will meet on Feb 26, Thu at 8:00pm

Ends: 10:00pm

Transgender Peer Support Group

Group will meet on Feb 27, Fri at 8:00pm

Ends: 9:30pm

Suitcase Clinic - Free Drop-in Medical Clinic

Group will meet on Feb 28, Sat at 12:30pm

Ends: 3:00pm

Partners of Trans* & Gender Non-Conforming Folk

Group will meet on Mar 03, Tue at 7:00pm

Ends: 8:30pm

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