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Latest InQueery News

    • Racism and LGBT Representation in TV

      Racism and LGBT Representation in TV

      In this article, Connor Payne explores the possibility and reality of racism in television shows through an examination of LGBT characters that either do fit in, or do not fit in with the stereotypes of their socially created …Read More »
    • InQueery News Live: September Edition

      InQueery News Live: September Edition

      Leo and Katie once again find themselves at a UC Berkeley studio to dish on life, love, good news and bad news. In this edition, Tinder is the gift that keeps on giving -- things to talk about, …Read More »
    • Invisibility Series: Butch Lesbians

      Invisibility Series: Butch Lesbians

      Guest writer Aurora Smith returns to her series on Invisibility with a second installment focusing this time on butch lesbians. Butch lesbians can be read as heterosexual men in public spaces, but is that the only way they're …Read More »
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